Hi, I'm Jennifer. I worked in healthcare as an X-Ray Technician and Medical Assistant for 8 years and decided to leave in 2015 to pursue my passion for creating jewelry. I opened an Etsy shop in 2015, where I created handmade bracelets. I started to feel limited in what I could create, so I took a break to do a bit of soul searching. During that time I started a business providing animal care. I absolutely love helping people and animals but have always felt deeply connected to the artist within.

In 2017 I went back to school to study Jewelry and Metalsmithing Design and absolutely fell in love with it! I enjoy learning and practicing different metalsmithing techniques and pushing my creativity beyond my comfort zone. I love creating meaningful one-of-a-kind jewelry that is a unique expression of my soul. I work mostly with sterling silver, but love to use copper from time to time. I also enjoy incorporating semi-precious gemstones into my designs.

Each piece is thoughtfully designed and hand-fabricated in my home workshop. What inspires me to create is my love for life, art, nature, and the cosmos, as well as my desire to share my dreams with the world. My intention is to create beautiful symbolic jewelry that resonates with a deeper aspect of the wearer's being and empowers authentic self-expression.

I strive to be conscientious about my metalsmithing practices. Through research and education, I continue to keep my metalsmithing practices as sustainable and ethical as possible, from the sourcing of my materials to the processes I use to create each piece. Given the current trend of mass-produced jewelry, I believe it is essential to pursue a more sustainable, ethical, and overall responsible future in jewelry making.

I'd also like to take a moment to explain the meaning behind my logo...

A peace sign to represent inner and world peace. When we cultivate inner peace, genuine world peace can be achieved. A heart symbolizes our oneness with all that exists—One Love! The lotus flower symbolizes strength and the ability to transcend trauma, fears, and struggles to transform and grow. ♡